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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puchi's 24th Birthday Celebration at The Apartment

Since Facebook is blocked, upload gambar kat sini je laa...

Last night 0n 24th March, we're planning for Puchi's suprise bday celeb (but not so suprise-read till the end). Earlier plan ingat nk wat kat Pyramid but mcm jauh je..for those yg keje kt KL kan, jammed lg. So, plan punye plan, wat kat The Apartment, The Curve. None of us had tried The Apartment, I think la sbb sume mcm wondering je ni mcm mane, ni mcm mane time tgk menu. Hehe.. tgk je la gmbr ni :)

The menu. Made from graph paper if u noticed

Shira's - Piquant Cream Grilled Chicken

Puchi's - Chicken Grilled with Peach & Walnut (guess so)

Mine - Chicken in a Bag

Birthday girl


Mula-mula sampai mmg kitorg da ckp the cake should be out after we all finished the dinner. We want to make it as a SUPRISE. Tapi boleh pulak lepas kitorg da bgtau boleh bwk kek, waiter tu bring out the pinggan dulu n put the plates on our table! Tak suprise langsung. Haha. After that baru die bring out the cake. Cis.. Serupa tak payah sorok kek tu!

Selepas disapukan cakes's cream. Haha!

The present - Purse from Roxy & a card

Hurmm, after all, the food is so-so.. not pretty worth the price. But the deco is cool dowh. Feels like in apartment. Haha..ade kerusi made from bed lagi. Huhu ape-ape pun, we have so much fun that night! Happy Birthday Puchi!! Forever 19 yaa..


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