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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jason Mraz Tours KL

Finally..the post of Jason's concert is here. Haha sorry for the late post guys. Alrite, lets talk about the concert!

Few months ago, when I heard about this concert, i was like.. omg. I cannot miss this. Hehe. So I bought the tickets at the first day the tickets had been released at Rock Corner, Mid Valley. I bought the RM88 tickets, the free seating area. Not really have much money at that time. Huhu.

So on Wednesday, 4 March 2009 around 6.00pm, me n Mr. Azlan went to Stadium Negara, and arrived there around 6.30 pm. Luckily parking is not the problem, but the problem is the parking fees is RM10. Hello..even the parking area itself is not a cark park. Parking pun celah2 pokok. How could they carik mkn smp nk cekik darah like that. Gila. But, its okay cause it's Jason Mraz's concert. Huhu.

The we walk through the stadium. Wow..a big crowd is waiting to enter the stadium. We stopped at the stall n buy burgers. Lapar seh..This one also gila. 1 plain burger+beef+little sauce costs RM3. Ingat burger McD ke weh. But it's okay. Cause this is Jason's concert. Hahaha. Then we queing to enter the stadium. The que is not long, so it took just few minutes for us to enter. Yeay!

Waiting and waiting, the concert only started at 8.30pm. Normal. No opening artist, Jason appeared on the stage with his vintage hat and simple grey outfit. He is holding his handy cam and recording all of us screaming at him. haha..very cute. He performed his first song, Make It Mine. After that was The Remedy and lot more which I couldn't remember. Some of the songs were You and I Both, I'm Yours, Life is Wonderful, Butterfly, Dynamo of Volition, If It Kills Me, Live High, Geek in The Pink and more. Jason also sang The song Lucky, duet with Penny Tai (Malaysian artist who sang Ni Yao De Ai song for Meteor Garden theme, in case you don't know her la kan). The crowd seems to know all the Jason's songs and sing along with him. Huaaa.. I love the moment. Jason also seems to love it! haha.. for sure.

Jason (in the middle with I LOVE KL shirt) with his band
Thanking the audience

The concert ended quite quickly. Around 9.50pm. Huhu. Xpuas beb. On the way to the car, we saw a bus at the backdoor, with 2 police. Woo..that's Jason's bus but he's not in the bus yet. Haha.. We waited for him for about half an hor. Waiting and waiting, his band's member get into the bus first and Jason is the last person to get in. And we managed to get a not clear pics of him. huhu. kecewa!

The not so clear pics of him. Can u see him with his brown vintage hat?
Haha..Only managed to snap the right side of him. He is in the bus.

But never mind, his performance is the things that matter. This concert was worth my money..He is a great performer. Loves the way he performed and his interaction with audience. Huhu.. Wish to see him again live in next few years!


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