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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cerita utk Suzana & Kak Nurul yg bercas dlm kete td

Su n Kak Nurul, mari kite tgk nape korg bercas td. hehe..

"Static" electricity ( more correctly called "net electric charge" ) appears whenever the normal quantities of positive and negative electricity in a substance are not perfectly equal. Remember that everything is made of atoms, and atoms in turn are made of positive and negative electric charges. In other words, your body is just a collection of positive and negative electrical particles. Normally the positives cancel out the negatives, and everything behaves electrically "neutral." No mysterious sparking. But if you ever end up with more negative than positive, or with more positive than negative, then you have a charge-imbalance on your body. You will get zapped the next time you touch a large metal object.

Exactly how can this imbalance occur? Whenever we walk, the soles of our shoes steal some negative charge from the floor. We leave behind electrified positive footprints, and our bodies aquire an overall imbalance of negatives. (Or sometimes vice versa with the negative and positive, since polarity is determined by the type of shoe soles and the type of rug.) After many footsteps, our bodies attain a high level of electric charge and a high voltage. Body-voltage can easily rise to several thousand volts, and the next time you touch someone else... ZAP!, the imbalanced charge gets shared between you and the other person. The spark is painful because it's extremely hot. It drills into your skin like a white-hot needle, creating a microscopic burned area.


The simplest cure: before touching a doorknob, a car door, etc., first touch it with a metal car key. The fiercely hot spark will blast the tip of the metal key rather than blasting your sensitive fingertip, and it will painlessly discharge your body's charge. (Grip your keys firmly so no spark appears between the keys and your skin.) Once you've been discharged, you can safely grab the doorknob. However, if you walk around some more, or if you sit upon a plastic car seat, you'll again need to use the keys discharge yourself.

To prevent sparks entirely, we must somehow stop the charge separation process. This can be done by:

* Changing your shoe soles to another type (try leather)
* Raising the humidity in the room
* Spraying carpets, floors, and chairs with an antistatic coating
* Installing a balanced-polarity ionizer fan (try the $50 static eliminator # MI9957, from C&H Sales)
* Wearing metal-coated shoe soles (try alum. foil, but it's slippery)
* Wearing a grounded wire connected to a wrist strap

As with the car keys, the problem can also be prevented by discharging your excess body-charge in some way that doesn't cause pain. This can be done by:

* Grabbing the metal car door as you climb out of the car.
* Holding your car keys, a coin, or a metal pen, touch it to grounded metal objects.
* Knocking your knuckles against doorknobs (fewer nerve endings, less pain.)
* Wearing a metal thimble, touch it to grounded objects.
* Installing conductive carpeting, then wearing an ankle-strap w/shoe plate.



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