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Friday, August 14, 2009

Blogger Boy - Qi

Blogger Boy : new Malaysian tv series kat 8tv. but not so new la sbb da kt 12th episode pun. Tp mlm td baru la 1st time tgk cite ni. Tu pun leh ngadap sebab the main cast is Qushairi Razali a.k.a Qi. Ala..yg jd host Destinasi Bajet ngn Field Trip USA tu. Ex-drummer OAG. Kdg2 nmpak gak dia kt jadi VJ. huhu.. I kinda like this guy. Ok.. 1st sbb die comel (haha jgn jeles alan), 2nd, dia ni kalo time jadi host Destinasi Bajet tu mmg boleh wat org stay lama la dpn tv (org tu saya la kot, org lain xtau la.. haha). Very the sempoi. Me like!

Lepas tu google la Qi n the Blogger Boy ni. n the result is:
Name : Qi
Character : Budi
Age : 31
Starsign : Leo
State (origin) : Penang
Do you have any URL / Facebook / online links? Facebook –Qushairi Razali
Occupation : Musician, host, possible brand manager
Any natural talent? I’d say Im ‘creatively’ talented.
Fav. TV series : Dexter, Californication, Heroes, True Blood, X-files, Friends.
Fav. Local actor / actress : Ida Nerina, Que Haidar, Julie Woon, Nas-T
Fav. Music genre : Pop, rock, house, electro
Fav. Singer / musician / band : Friendly Fire, Damien Rice, Coldplay, MGMT
Fav. Quote : “Destiny comes to those who pursue it.Its fated if you don’t” - Qi
Fav. / most frequented Website :
Previous acting gigs (TV / Movie) : Destinasi Bajet, Field Trip USA
Comic superhero / character you would like to be : Spiderman
Which celebrity blogger would you like to be? Budi :) Its really cool
Tell us something extraordinary about yourself : Sometimes I understand things more than I should. Im almost psychic :)

hehe..siap leh post dia nye profile lg.. haha..

Ok back to the Blogger Boy, this is the story about 3 person; Qi (as Budi), Julie Woon a.k.a Julie Hoi (as Nina) n Nas-T (as Kid). Owh forgot to mention, Julie Woon is Qi's gf! Both of them are together while filming this series..huhu.. ( I don't know whether this is real or not). There's something about Julie's past time, but, never mind la.. carik sndri la ek.

Blogger Boy is some kind of nice show, but the problem is it's so out of our Malay lifestyle..too open-minded nye story. nk tau ape probnye, tgk sendiri la ye..hehe..malas nk komen. haha.. Tp disebabkan ade Qi, kena layan cite ni. Tgk tp jgn terpengaruh!

Ok sape2 nk tgk cite ni, tggu kt dpn 8tv every Thursday 9.30 pm. tak pun leh tgk anytime kt mcm yg saya tgh wat sekarang. muahahahahaha....


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